Conditions Treated

  • Knee Pain

    • Patellar Tendonitis/Tendinosis
    • Quadriceps Muscle Injuries
    • Ligament Sprains or Tears
    • Bursitis

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    Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain

    • Lower Leg and Foot
    • Pyriformis syndrome
    • Greater trochanteric Bursitis
    • Ischial bursitis

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    Hip Pain
  • Shoulder and Arm Pain

    • Rotator Cuff tendonitis, tendonopathy or partial tears
    • Acromio-clavicular joint pain or arthritis
    • Bicipital tendonitis
    • Medial and Lateral epicondylitis

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    Shoulder and Arm Pain
  • Back Pain

    • Spinal nerve inflammation
    • Facet Joint arthritis
    • Disc herniation or tear
    • Interspinous ligament sprain

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    Back Pain
  • Lower Leg and Foot

    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Shin Splints
    • Peroneal tendonitis
    • Ankle sprains

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    Lower Leg and Foot
Alain Elbaz, MD

Meet Alain Elbaz, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Alain Elbaz, M.D. relocated his practice from Montreal, Canada and has practiced orthopedic surgery in Houston, Texas since 1998. He joined Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine L.L.P. in 2001. Dr. Elbaz graduated from the University of Montreal in Orthopedics in 1993. He is ABOS board certified.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is blood plasma with concentrated platelets. The concentrated platelets found in PRP include growth factors among the huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.


LIPOGEMS is a regenerative medicine treatment which harvests adipose tissue (fat) from your own body and processes it via a unique system into an injectable substance with remarkable healing and regenerative properties.

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Patient Reviews

  • I had been suffering w/ a medial epicondyal injury on my VERY dominant right elbow for almost two years. I had 4 steroid injections over that period of time w/ short term relief. Read More
  • I would like to thank you and your entire staff that helped me with this unique procedure. I hope you know what a help PRP has been to my family, my military career and me. Read More

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Latest News

  • July 22 2009

    Cutting-edge, platelet-rich plasma therapy emerging as new option for ailing athletes

    The procedure, which takes less than an hour, is designed to jump-start the body's ability to heal itself with few side effects or risks. A few tablespoons of the patient's blood are spun in a centrifuge, concentrating platelets into about a teaspoon of PRP, which is injected into the injured area. Read More

  • July 18 2009

    New procedure could hasten Nady’s return

    Yankees outfielder Xavier Nady is attempting a cutting-edge medical procedure that could help him return to the team far earlier than expected. Read More

  • Feb 16 2009

    A Promising Treatment for Athletes, in Blood

    Two of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ biggest stars, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, used their own blood in an innovative injury treatment before winning the Super Bowl. Read More