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I had the pleasure of meeting and being seen by Dr Elbaz and he is such a delight. He is well educated on problems with the knee and he really made me feel comfortable which I think is very important. I definitely recommend him for any orthopedic problems.

Dr Elbaz is a great and skilled surgeon.We would not even think of going to anyone else. He uses state of the art Techniques.We feel extremely lucky to have him as our orthopedic surgeon.

An amazing doctor and his assistance with great bedside manners. Had a calming and caring affect. Explained things well, asked questions made sure I understood what was going to happen. Great staff from the time I entered the office until I left I'm impressed. I read a poor report on Dr. Elbaz and I almost started not to see him. He was the total opposite of that report. I am so glad I followed through. I highly recommend Dr. Elbaz. NO! I'm not being paid to write this review.

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I searched far and wide for a way to avoid hip replacement surgery. Dr. Elbaz uses an anterior approach which produces less muscle damage. He explained the procedure and the advantages in layman's terms. Explained what I needed to avoid during rehab. Then he performed the procedure flawlessly. Fixed me right up. I should not have waited so long.

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I saw Dr. Elbaz who diagnosed an injury to my left knee as a meniscus tear. Dr. Elbaz advised that he thought the tear could be repaired with physical therapy. After a second opinion from another surgeon who insisted it could not be repaired with physical therapy and I would have to have surgery. I heeded Dr. Elbaz's recommendation to do the physical therapy and it worked. The tear completely healed and the use of my knee was returned to normal.

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-Kathryn Wright in Houston, TX | Jul 16, 2017

As a nurse practitioner I am very careful who I choose as my doctor. I always research the doctor's background and awards, but most of all I ask other nurses and doctors. I have been a patient of Dr. Elbaz for 5 years for hip arthritis which recently caused severe pain and hip replacement. Dr. Elbaz has extensive experience and expertise in anterior hip replacement which has a fast recovery. I have recovered and am active without pain! He has a great personality, and is friendly and supportive.

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-Carol in Spring, TX | Apr 30, 2017

I am so blessed to meet Dr. Elbaz. He is the best! He takes care of his patients and very knowledgeable. I have referred so my of my friends to him and the feedbacks are all positive.

Houston, TX | Mar 30, 2017

dr e removed bone spurs from my shoulder and elbow 3yrs ago and 10/7/16 did stem cell injections to my l knee and r hip and shoulder and today 1/20/17 did stem cell injections to r knee l shoulder as i had good results. Dr Elbaz and EVERYONE from front to back desk at 3 locations treated me like i and everyone want to be treated w/respect, courtesy, and professionalism. 5stars to them all god bless N cypress med center has also given me wife and stepson excellent care and service

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-chris thierry in Cypress, TX | Jan 21, 2017

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He is one of the best shoulder surgeons in Texas. He has real great bed side manner and explains every possible option before even bring up surgery. He is an amazing patient advocate therapy is always an optional...he listens to your concerns and offers recommendations that are state of the art in stem cell replacement therapy if possible.

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21 December 2009
Dr. Elbaz and staff,

I am a member of the United States Army and sustained a small pectoral muscle tear while doing wide arm pushups overseas. For about a year I lived with a chronic discomfort whenever doing pushups and my job was severely affected. After multiple visits to a family doctor, therapy and anti-inflammatory regiments that never seemed to work I decided to meet Dr. Elbaz and discuss the possibility of PRP. I was nervous but excited about the possibility of putting this injury behind me and have heard only great things about PRP. Before the procedure, you and your staff, answered all of my questions, made me feel comfortable and seemed to have a deeper knowledge of what I was going through then any other doctor I had previously talked with. I cannot say thank you enough for your patience, understanding and realization that PRP might actually be an alternative for my unique situation. Within a month after the PRP injection, I was able to do pushups without the discomfort. In my profession, I cannot afford to be physically impaired and had almost lost hope in ever being able to fully participate in physical training again. After having PRP I am now able to do everything that I was able to do before my small muscle tear. In summary, I would like to thank you and your entire staff that helped me with this unique procedure. I hope you know what a help PRP has been to my family, my military career and me. Please feel free to use this as a letter of recommendation and I hope that your future patients consider PRP as a valid form of treatment.

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I had been suffering w/ a medial epicondyal injury on my VERY dominant right elbow for almost two years. I had 4 steroid injections over that period of time w/ short term relief. I went through about 6-8 weeks of physical therapy w/ some relief as well as two treatments of accupuncture. I did not want surgery if I could avoid it. I saw Dr. Elbaz at the end of Sept. for my PRP. It is an uncomfortable procedure especially in such a small area w/ atrophy. However, the discomfort is short lived compared to living w/ the pain of my injury and lack of use of my arm. The PRP is a very gradual healing. Within a week I noticed a difference but the biggest change came about the 4th week. I was doing so much more with my arm and didn’t realize it since I was not in pain. I am 2 1/2 months out and am not restricted in any of my activities. I think I will have one more round of PRP to finish off the small area that is uncomfortable at times. I am 70% on my worst day but most days I am 80-85% well. My goal is to have 100% relief!

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